The Creators

Nick Huard 


Nick Huard is a Mi’kmaq Artist, born in Restigouche, to the Bear Clan. 

Nick spent his early years living on reserve in the Gaspesie. He was sent to two residential schools, one English and the other French, resulting in fluency in both official languages while sadly losing his own Mi’kmaw language. He later attended College Bourget in Rigaud, Quebec. 

From his grandfather who was a saddle and shoemaker, and his father, a master cabinetmaker, he has inherited a deep respect for both his culture and the environment. He worked for many years as a respected and sought after sound person in film and television; work that took him around the world and to remote northern locations, where he shared not only his technical skills but also his survival and protocol skills with the many people who travelled with him. 

Nick began making dream catchers many years ago and has devoted himself to his art for quite some time. The materials he uses are all natural and traditional, handmade (from rawhide to polishing turquoise to shells to bone) and no creatures have been killed or mutilated in order to obtain elements used in the fabrication of his dreamcatchers. For The Dream Catchers, Nick co-facilitated the youth arts workshops and is the lead artist on the creation of the giant national dreamcatcher.

Nick Huard

Oronhiokewahton Splicer 


Oronhiokewahton Splicer is a 32 year old Mohawk carver from the Kahnawake Mohawk nation. When not carving, he works as a carpenter in Ganienkeh Territory in northern New York State. 

As a young boy he attended Kahnawake Survival School, where he was immersed in the Kanienkeha (Mohawk) language, learning songs, stories and traditions of the territory, and becoming fluent in his language. 

He made his first cradleboards and clubs in Grade nine and since that time has not stopped carving. For The Dream Catchers, Oronhiokewahton co-facilitated the youth arts workshops across the country and is Nick’s co-creator on the giant national dreamcatcher.

Oronhiokewahton Splicer